Our Story


The Harbor is a place where you are fully welcomed and cared for. We’re all about you, your hair, and your time with us being restful, invigorating, and personally tailored to you. Let us host you and what makes you you- your dreams, your vision- in a place where you are seen and empowered. Where your beauty, in all its facets, is reflected!

Caring for the community is not just an extension of Jared and Shanda’s plans for the Harbor, but the very reason they came to LA. With no specific plans, only the knowledge that they loved this city and its dreamers, Shanda and Jared moved their family from Phoenix, Arizona to invest wholly in Los Angeles, however that would look. It soon became clear that starting a business with Shanda’s passion and extensive experience in hairstyling was the way for their family to do that. 

It was important to them that the space for the salon evoked a sense of family and home for all who were a part of it. The hunt for the Harbor's home led them to a lovely building tucked away in a residential part of Silver Lake.

The space was abandoned and outdated, but the Wallaces had a vision to restore it to a beauty it once held, and Shanda knew this was the place where she could invite in and foster the beauty of the community, one person at a time. The building being restored and brought to new life was a fitting metaphor for the ‘coming alive’ process Shanda dreamed for people to experience within its walls.